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Close to Tokyo! Minakami area's ski resorts

Surrounded by mountains and with the big Tone River, Gunma prefecture's Minakami is blessed with nature. Minakami's heavy snowfalls have given rise to nine unique ski resorts, attracting many skiers and snowboarders in winter.
The area is known for year-round sport activities, including such summer water sports as rafting, canoeing and bungee jumping. It's a great resort that can be easily reached from Tokyo and its suburbs for a day tour.

Only 2 hours from Tokyo by car or train

The great thing about Minakami that despite its abundance of nature, it's just two hours' drive from Tokyo and its suburbs. With expressways and the shinkansen, it is easily accessible by car or train. It takes 90 minutes from Nerima IC, Tokyo to Tsukiyono IC, and 100 minutes to Minakami IC, via the Kanetsu Expressway. By Joetsu Shinkansen, it takes 66 minutes at the fastest, from Tokyo to Jomo-Kogen station, the nearest station to Minakami.

Minakami's nine ski areas

Situated in the northernmost part of Gunma, Minakami is the headwater town of the Tone River, one of the longest river in Japan. The area features nine ski resorts, each with its own special character. Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort takes you to the heights in a cable car, where there is four meters of snow in the peak season. White Valley Ski Resort has many ungroomed areas and a variety of natural terrains where you can enjoy some vigorous skiing and snowboarding.
Minakami Kogen Ski Resort is directly linked to a hotel, which makes for a convenient stay. It also offers plenty of snow activities other than just skiing or snowboarding.
Hodaigi Ski Resort offers a variety of courses for all skill levels, from a kids' park to a 1,000m-long course. Okutone Snow Park offers very gentle slopes for beginners, as well as a forest course, snow park and mogul course for active skiers and snowboarders.
Norn Minakami Ski Resort is located only three kilometers from Minakami IC, and is open from morning to 10pm on weekdays and midnight at weekends for you to enjoy extra hours of skiing and snowboarding. Akasawa Ski Resort, Fujiwara Ski Resort and Oana Ski Resort have short and easy runs ideal for beginners and families. Also, ski pass prices are reasonable at these three resorts.

Minakami has great snow quality

Snow clouds born over the Sea of Japan bring a lot of snow to the coast of the Sea of Japan. By the time the clouds reach Minakami, they're less moist and dump drier snow - which is why snow in all of Minakami's ski resorts is of such great quality. During the peak season, you can experience the best powder snow that dances up in the air as you make your tracks. Some ski resorts also offer ungroomed pistes, for you to enjoy the dry powder to your heart's content.

Lots of fun - even if you're nor a skier or snowboarder

Even if you don't ski or snowboard, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. All nine ski resorts have sledding areas, where you can zoom downhill on a sled or just play in snow, to thoroughly immerse yourself in experiences unique to snowy mountains. Some resorts also have special sleds with steering controls. There are also many other ways for you to have some winter fun, including snow rafting and snowshoeing.

Delectable local foods

Gunma is famous for konjac and Joshu Mugibuta pork. Restaurants in Minakami serve dishes with these ingredients in many arrangements from Japanese to casual Western, enhanced by each restaurant's own character. Hotels also offer tastes of the season in Japanese kaiseki-style dishes and buffets.

After a great run, enjoy historical onsens

You'll find onsens across Minakami, from Minakami onsen village, which spans the valley of the Tone River, to a total of 18 onsens around Tsukiyono and Sarugakyo. Water properties vary from simple alkaline to sulfuric salts. There are also many affordable onsen spots for one-time, non-overnight visitors to enjoy after skiing or snowboarding.

Having a restful stay in Minakami's onsen town is also a good choice

The onsen town has many large hotels and smaller inns, all with their own individual onsen facilities. These include atmospheric rock onsen to outdoor baths with a garden view, and multiple natural-source onsen. Minakami is close to Tokyo and easy to visit for a day tour, but staying a few days lets you indulge in all that Minakami has to offer: snow, onsen and great dining experiences.
●Access to Minakami area:
[By train] Min. 66 minutes from Tokyo station to Jomo-Kogen station on the Joetsu Shinkansen
[By car] About 90 minutes from Nerima IC to Tsukiyono IC or about 100 minutes to Minakami IC on Kanetsu Expressway
text : Chiho Kuriyama

Facility Information

Minakami Kogen Ski Resort

6152-1 Fujiwara, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1721
21 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Minakami Kogen Fujiwara Ski Resort

4957-1 Fujiwara, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1721
19.5 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Minakami Hodaigi Ski Resort

3839-1 Fujiwara, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1721
17 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

White Valley Ski Resort

Tahigawa Kokuyurin, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gumma 379-1619
7 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Norn Minakami Ski Resort

479-139 Terama, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1614
3 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort

Yufukiyama Kokuyurin, Yubiso, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1728
12 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Okutone Snow Park

39 Mukouyama, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gumma 379-1724
10 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

O-ANA Ski Resort

277 Oana, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1727
7 km from Minakami IC, Kanetsu Expressway

Akasawa Ski Resort

620-1 Nagai, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-1401
22 km from Tsukiyono IC, Kanetsu Expressway


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