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Two of Nagano's most popular ski resorts, Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort and Madarao Mountain Resort, offer the best snow quality and vast areas for skiing. The "NOTOMA BUS" will connect these two ski resorts through Iiyama Station! It only takes 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tokyo Station to Iiyama Station. Here are the reasons why you shoud vist these 2 ski resorts with NOTOMA BUS!
※This is the timetable as of the 2020-21 season.
The snow-covered Iiyama Station.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is popular for the vast ski area, and the newly installed gondola.

【Attraction 1】 Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Japan.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort boasts one of the largest ski areas in Japan. In addition to the good quality powder snow, it satisfies all the skiers and snowboarders, from families to experts.

【Attraction 2】It only takes 8 minutes to the top of mountain with the new gondola.

The new gondola, "The Shin Nagasaka Gondola", is only 8 minutes from the bottom to the summit, and has a spacious design that can seat 10 people comfortably. The Shin-Nagasaka Gondola is the first gondola in Japan to be equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system to keep the air fresh the whole way up the mountain.

【Attraction 3】Nozawa Onsen with 700 years of history

"Nozawa Onsen Village, adjacent to the ski resort, is a hot spring resort with 700 years of history. It is an easy way to learn about Japanese culture. The 13 outdoor hot springs in the village are open to everyone, but it is recommended that you take your time to enter the onsen due to the high temperature of the water. There are "bathing rules" that is part of the Japanese culture, so please follow them and enjoy. To get to the onsen village from the ski slopes, you can use the direct escalator "Yu-Road".

【Attraction 4】Nagasaka Center House, where the latest items are available.

The renovated "Nagasaka Center House" has a "Salomon Station" where you can rent a wide variety of items from kids beginner equipment to expert level powder equipment, and "Ishii Sports" where you can buy the latest items. In addition, there is a courier service counter, changing rooms, and lockers, so you can send your luggage.

Madarao kogen hotel was designed with the resort in mind so that a variety of courses link up straight back to the hotel.

【Attraction 1】 High quality powder and a wide variety of courses

The best part of Madarao Mountain Resort is its fine powder snow and wide variety of courses. The view of wide and beautiful pisten barn on the slope is just breathtaking. Many of the courses offer terrain that is unique to only Japan. In Madarao, it's not unusual for it to snow over 50 cm in a single night,the local people call this phenomenon "MADA-POW".

【Attraction 2】 The resort hotel "Madarao Kogen Hotel"

The resort hotel "Madarao Kogen Hotel" is ski-in ski-out which means you can wake up and start skiing right away, then return with ease to spend a relaxing evening. A variety of different styles of cuisine is availble at the buffet to keep your stomach full.

【Attraction 3】If you buy an all mountain lift ticket, you can also ski at Tangram Ski Circus.

If you buy an all mountain lift ticket, you can also ski at the adjacent ski resort, Tangram Ski Circus, and enjoy both ski resorts to the fullest. However, because the resorts are so big it will most likely take more than one day to ride every lift on both resorts.

【Attraction 4】You can rent boards from Ogasaka, a Japanese manufacturing company with over 100 years of history and experience.

In Japan, there is a company called "Ogasaka" that has been making skis and snowboards for more than 100 years, and there is a "test center" where you can rent the latest items from the freestyle ski and snowboard brands manufactured by Ogasaka. I hope that Japanese and foreigners alike will enjoy the technology that has been created for the Japanese snow.
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Facility Information

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort

7654 Nozawa-onsen, Shimokakai, Nagano

Madarao Mountain Resort

Madarao Kogen, Iiyama, Nagano


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