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At the World Ski Awards 2018—held in Kitzbühel, Austria in November 2018—Rusutsu Resort took the title of Japan’s Best Ski Resort and The Westin Rusutsu Resort retained its title of Japan’s Best Ski Hotel for the second straight year. Winning these prestigious awards, which are considered to be the Academy Awards in the ski industry, Rusutsu has become recognized as one of the world’s best resorts. Let’s explore the charms of Rusutsu Resort.

World Ski Awards, which is considered to be the Academy Awards in the ski industry

Launched in 2013, the World Ski Awards is a prestigious awards ceremony in which titles are awarded to the winners chosen by online voting for nominees in their respective category. Participants include snow resorts, hotels and travel agencies from all over the world. From Japan, nine world-famous ski resorts and 14 famous hotels were nominated, and Rusutsu Resort achieved the feat of winning two categories: Japan’s Best Ski Resort and Japan’s Best Ski Hotel. The charms of Rusutsu lie in high-quality powder snow that Hokkaido boasts and hotel facilities that provide a comfortable stay at the resort.

High-quality powder snow in Rusutsu that has gained worldwide recognition

Hokkaido, boasting high-quality snow and a vast terrain, is globally popular and many highly renowned ski resorts are located there. Among them, Rusutsu Resort is famous for its powder snow, which has almost no moisture. Such dry snow piles up in the non-compacted area where you can enjoy ungroomed terrain as well as tree skiing. By using the lifts, you can enjoy runs as many times as you want without the need to hike up on foot.
The ski slope, which is divided into three parts—West, East and Isola—has 37 trails in total. With the exhilarating wide, long runs, the slope is so large that just one day is not enough to enjoy all of the parts. Moreover, the majestic Mt. Yotei, otherwise known as the Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido, can be seen from everywhere on the trails, allowing you to experience a sense of oneness with the Hokkaido’s magnificent nature.

Extensive accommodation facilities ensure a stay catering to one’s liking

Rusutsu Resort offers extensive accommodation facilities, such as hotels, lodges and log houses, all maximizing the rich and beautiful natural location. The Westin Rusutsu Resort, which retained the title of Japan’s Best Ski Hotel at the World Ski Awards 2018, is a gorgeous hotel, with all the rooms being maisonette style.
Maisonette-style rooms are so spacious where you can fully relax. From the large window, you can enjoy the view of the grand nature of Hokkaido.
As for dining, various restaurants are available that offer a wide range of tastes, for example, a buffet restaurant that serves carefully selected ingredients from the sea and mountains in Hokkaido and a Japanese restaurant that boasts teppanyaki (foods grilled on an iron plate).
The facilities include an onsen (Japanese spa). There, you can heal your mind and body in an open-air bath with an excellent commanding view, which allows you to feel the winter of Hokkaido.
Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention is located in the West area, where you can ski-in and ski-out. Many attractions can be enjoyed during a stay at the resort, such as the Carousel, which is the world’s biggest indoor merry-go-round with two stories, and Stardust Avenue, in which beautiful lighting displays brighten up the avenue. During the 2018–2019 winter season you can enjoy projection mapping that deals with the theme of “aurora fantasy” in this area.

Attractive activities that allow you to experience nature

Rusutsu Resort provides various activities that allow you to feel Hokkaido’s rich natural environment. In popular snow activities, such as snow rafting and snowmobiling, powder snow, which has very fine snow particles, drifts in the air and beautifully glitters.
Dog sledding in expansive snowfields is also a rare experience in Hokkaido. Running in the fields covered with a carpet of snow offers a very exhilarating feeling.
In addition, a wide variety of activities are offered, including snowmobiling and snow biking in which you can enjoy the vast terrain and the high-quality snow at the same time. Indoor sports facilities, such as a heated swimming pool and a climbing wall, are also available.

Let’s travel to the world’s top-class Rusutsu Resort

With the world’s top-class powder snow, vast ski terrain and luxurious hotels, Rusutsu Resort is the perfect place for your winter travels. Whether you ski or not, you can enjoy yourself as you like and have a relaxing time at the resort.

Furthermore, Rusutsu has announced an alliance with Vail Resorts, and will join Epic Pass, the world’s most extensive ski pass, beginning in the 2019–2020 winter season. Rusutsu is included among the ski resorts on the pass. This winter, why don’t you visit Rusutsu Resort to enjoy a luxurious snow trip?
Text: Chiho Kuriyama

Facility Information

Rusutsu Resort

13, Aza Izumikawa, Rusutsu-Mura, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido, Japan 048-1711
Operation period during the ski season: Saturday, November 24, 2018 to Saturday, April 7, 2019


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