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Rusutsu Resort is a mega ski resort comprising three mountains: West Mt., East Mt. and Mt. Isola.
This resort has 37 trails totaling 42 km long, making it Hokkaido’s single largest ski resort.
Rusutsu’s top-notch snow conditions are the product of its characteristic dry powder that’s only 5% water and snow compaction performed by trained professionals every night. The giant resort offers breathtaking views of Mt. Yotei and Lake Toya. This article highlights you some of its most distinctive ski trails.

<Mt. Isola | Heavenly Spirit Trail> Relish the powder snow in a natural gully.

■Advanced Length: 550 meters Max. angle of inclination: 22 degrees
Blanketed in uncompressed snow, the Heavenly Spirit trail truly takes full advantage of the gully’s shape.
Right after a snowfall, you can fully relish Rusutsu’s finest dry powder. You’ll love the halfpipe-style skiing in the gully as well as other unique features of the natural terrain.

<Mt. Isola | Isola Grand Trail> Revel in a cruise down Rusutsu's longest trail.

■Intermediate Length: 3,500 meters Max. angle of inclination: 20 degrees
The longest run in Rusutsu, this 3.5-km trail has loads to offer as you glide through the snow.
Take the Isola gondola for repeat runs. Since this area is a junction of five different trails, there’s the choice of hitting a different trail each time. And the restaurant in the base area is a great place to take a break.

<Mt. Isola | Isola Trail B> Rusutsu's distinctive mogul trail will satisfy the hungriest of mogul-munchers.

■Advanced Length: 800 meters Max. angle of inclination: 25 degrees
This section is one of the popular mogul trails of Rusutsu Resort. In the middle of the season, you’ll find the long 800-meter trail covered with moguls.

<Mt. Isola | Steamboat Trail A> A wide and long trail easy to reach from East Mt.

■Intermediate Length: 2,200 meters Max. angle of inclination: 26 degrees
This is a popular long trail that is easily accessible from East Mt. by Chair Lift No. 2. The Max. width of the slope is 210 meters, offering skiers refreshing skiing experiences in the open environment. The restaurant at the base area is perfect for taking a break.

<East Mt. | Super East Trail> Rusutsu's steepest slope delivers challenging runs for advanced skiers.

■Advanced Length: 500 meters Max. angle of inclination: 40 degrees
This slope runs from the summit of East Mt. to the Furikozawa Trail.
While this is a short run, the inclination rises to 40 degrees, making it Rusutsu’s steepest trail. We advise against underestimating this trail for its relatively gentle slope at the start so you won’t end up regretting it later.

<East Mt. | East Vivaldi Trail> This popular trail offers a spectacular view of Mt. Yotei.

■Intermediate Length: 2,300 meters Max. angle of inclination: 24 degrees
While the first part of this trail is relatively steep, you’ll get a magnificent panoramic view of the entire resort and Mt. Yotei.
Since this trail is wide, it’s invigorating without being scary. The latter part of the slope features a gentle inclination.

<East Mt. | Easy Trail> This slope is simple to access and features a gentle gradient for easy skiing.

■Beginner Length: 750 meters Max. angle of inclination: 8 degrees
If you’re skiing for the first time, this is the slope for you! It’s Rusutsu’s gentlest trail.
East Center Station and a restaurant are conveniently located at the base area so you can take a break whenever you’re tired. This is a perfect trail to enjoy your first day on the slopes at your own pace.

<West Mt. | Side Country Park> Enjoy powder runs through the uncompressed snow. This terrain is also ideal for jumping.

■Advanced Length: 600 meters Max. angle of inclination: 26 degrees
Located on both sides of the Elite Trail, this natural powder park is lush with uncompressed snow.
It’s an ideal place for skiing through quality powder and have some fun with kickers, taking advantage of the natural terrain and trees. The area along the lift line is for beginners and intermediate skiers, while the outer trail is specially for advanced skiers.

<West Mt. | Eva Trail> A great straight run for speedy skiing.

■Intermediate Length: 650 meters Max. angle of inclination: 21 degrees
This trail runs down to the main base of Rusutsu Resort.
Its middle stretch consists of two stages that are great for carving. At the base you find a restaurant that’s perfect for taking a break. At Christmas and on New Year’s Eve, the resort holds Taimatsu Kasso (torchlight skiing) and a fireworks festival in this area.

<West Mt. | Family Trail> Located right in front of the hotel, this trail features plenty of attractions for kids.

■Beginner Length: 650 meters Max. angle of inclination: 12 degrees
This gentle slope is easy to access from Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention.
Crayon Shinchan Cross features fun skiing facilities for wave-skiing and poco-poco jumping, while Crayon Shinchan Kids Tree Run, situated beside it, where kids can try adventurous tree skiing experiences in the woods.
Rusutsu Resort abounds with magnificent trails that suit families, beginners and experts. There’s something for everyone, including spectacular scenery, children’s attractions, powder snow, refreshing morning runs and truly satisfying skiing experiences.
We definitely recommend you try the 37 trails of Rusutsu, a resort that draws skiers and snowboarders from Japan and overseas.
Text:Akira Tsujino

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Rusutsu Resort

13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1711


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