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What is Smalif where you can buy ski and snowboard lift tickets at great prices? ?

Hello! This time, there is information that skiers and snowboarders should know! There is a service called Smalif that is very easy to use and a good deal.

From now on, telling you the benefits and usage of Smalif as easily as possible in manga.
(* There are some usage conditions.)

Smalif is an electronic lift ticket that can be used on a smartphone!

Smalif is a service where you can buy a lift ticket on your smartphone and use it on the day. Search, purchase and receipt of a lift ticket can all be completed with a smartphone. There are no fees or monthly fees.

Check before the season starts! How close to half price! ?

For example ...

If you want a one-day ticket regular priced at 3,900 yen, you can buy it for 2,300 yen (41% OFF) with Smalif.
* Discounts and benefits vary depending on the ski area.
* Once a lift ticket has been purchased, it cannot be canceled.

Four strengths of Smalif

① Shipping is free anytime!

You receive your ticket by e-mail instead of mail, so there is no shipping charge!

② On the day, you can get your ticket just by showing your smartphone and exchanging it!

If you show the screen of the Smalif to the person in charge of the ski resort, you can redeem it for your ticket.

③ You can send your tickets as gifts to friends and acquaintances by e-mail!

By forwarding the e-mail, you can share your tickets with friends and acquaintances. (* There are some usage conditions.)

④On the day, you can buy Smalif just before arriving at a ski resort.

If you purchase from Smalif on the day, you will get a discount on a lift ticket!

Here are some specific ways to buy and use Smalif.

3 steps to use Smalif!

① You will receive an e-mail when you purchase a lift ticket at Smalif.

Attention here! Please set the permission to receive e-mails from "surfsnow.jp" !

② The received e-mail has the description of "■ Smalif issuance URL".

Your ticket will be issued from this URL. Please check this email on your smartphone on the day you use the lift for sure.

③ Finally issue your ticket on the day!

(If the ticket is purchased and used on the day, it is okay to issue it.)
Tap on "■ Smallif Issue URL" to switch to the issue screen. The screens displayed for SURF & SNOW (GuruNavi) members and non-members are different, but the procedure is almost the same.
Even if you mistakenly proceed with the ticket issuing procedure on days other than the lift use date, it will not be treated as use unless you enter an authentication key.

* Once a lift ticket has been purchased, it cannot be canceled.

Enjoy the winter in Smalif!

As you use Smalif, introducing some additional details that you should know!

① Purchasing from PC is OK.
However, it is necessary to forward the e-mail received on your PC to your smartphone so that tickets can be issued on the day! (Same applies as purchasing from a tablet too.)

② If you want to use Smalif together with a friend / acquaintance, purchase it as a non-member and share the "last 4 digits PIN".
The number of transfers cannot be limited.
(Please consult with yourself on how many you will use out of the number purchased.)

③ Carryover of the season is not allowed (unless otherwise specified).

④ The printed ticket is not anailable, so please bring your smartphone!

⑤ Once purchased, cancel is not allowed. Please note that you cannot change the ski resorts or the number of tickets.
Here for Smalif FAQ. (*Japanese text only)
*Inquiries can be made in Japanese only.
We can support any inquiry in Japanese only, and no staff can speak other languages.
Even though anyone would ask us any inquiry in other languages, we cannot answer for it.
*Not available on a mobile phone.

Once you use Smalif, you will definitely want to use it next time!

If you haven't tried it yet, try it this winter! If you're already using it, let's enjoy this winter as well.

How was it? We are glad if we can contribute to your fulfilling ski and snowboard life!
*We apologize for inquiries can be made in Japanese only.
text: SURF & SNOW editorial department