Japan Ski Guide powered by SURF&SNOW

With the basic skiing pose, you spread the skis in an inverted V-shape, commonly known as the "snowplow." To do this, spread the tails (the rear end) of your skis apart. Do this on a flat surface first before trying a slope.

Push with one heel

Before spreading your legs into a V-shape, practice moving one ski at a time. Keep your skis together at first, then spread your legs to shoulder width and push the tail of your right ski outward.

Do the same on the other side

From the position of keeping your skis together, do the same for the left ski, pushing the tail outward. Make sure the center of your gravity does not move when you push your left tail outward.

Push both tails outward to make the V-shape

This time, push both tails outward. First, stand upright, and then spread both tails slowly apart until your skis form a V-shaped. Ideally it should be symmetrical.

Make sure the tips don’t cross

If the tips cross, you’ll lose control of your skis. Make the V-shape by imagining that you’re shaving the snow surface with the inner edges.

Keep your thighs apart

If your thighs are close together or turned inward, your leg movement will be limited and you won’t be able to spread the skis very well. If you aren’t making a good V-shape, try again while imagining keeping your thighs apart.