Japan Ski Guide powered by SURF&SNOW

To practice skiing, you first need to climb up a slope. Here are tips on how to do this. First, keep your skis at a right angle to the slope, and then raise the edges into the slope so they dig into the snow. This prevents the skis from sliding downhill and keeps your balanced.

Climb the slope sideways

The idea is to climb the slope while keeping your skis parallel to each other, walking sideways like a crab. Keep the skis parallel to each other, and starting with your weight on the lower ski, and place the upper ski higher up the slope. Next, shift your weight to the upper ski, and then bring up the lower leg. Repeat this and climb the slope step by step.

Keep the skis parallel

Keep the skis at a right angle to the slope. If the tips (front end) or tails (rear end) aim downward, you’ll start sliding in that direction. If you tilt your body slightly to the direction you're going, the edges will stand and keep the skis more balanced.

Making a V-shape to climb up the slope

You can also climb the slope by making a V-shape with your skis, a technique known as the "herringbone." Facing the hilltop, spread the ski tips and stick the poles in the snow behind the skis for support. Maintaining the V-shape, move one step up, one foot at a time, pushing against the snow with the poles. If you master this skill you can climb the slope quickly.