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Once you've practiced skiing below the lifts and in the beginner's area and are somewhat familiar with skiing, try riding a lift and skiing on a run. When you first use a lift, it's common to fall over while boarding or getting off at the end of the ride. It's recommended that you try creating a mental image of the process of getting on and off the lift before actually using it.

Image training before getting on a lift

Before actually getting onto a lift, imagine the process of getting on and off. When getting on, pull your hands out of the straps and grip both poles with one hand, and look back to check that the lift is approaching.

Line up at the lift station

You must slow down as you approach the lift station and line up for the ride. Cutting in line is strictly forbidden, so be sure to join the end of the line when you arrive and wait for your turn. Also, take care not to step or stride over other people's skis and snowboards.

Follow the instructions of staff at the boarding platform

When riding the lift, line up at the boarding platform and move forward while listening to the instructions of staff and following the signs. Look behind you as the lift approaches, sit down once it touches your legs, and make sure your poles and ski tips don't get caught in the snow.

Pull down the safety bar

Once you get onto the lift, make sure to pull down the safety bar. Sit quietly and do not make any trouble while riding on the lift. It's recommended that you keep your goggles, gloves and beanie on while riding on the lift to avoid dropping them.

Alert others when you lower the safety bar

If you have another person or people sitting with you, be sure to alert them before you lower the safety bar. Don't lower it quickly; the etiquette is to do so quietly and slowly. Likewise, when you lift the bar, don't do so abruptly. Alert others and then lift it gently.

When you approach the lift station, lift the bar

Keep the safety bar down when you are on the lift, and lift it when you approach the lift station.

Ski straight down at the drop-off platform

Once you're about to get off the lift, raise the safety bar and your ski tips. Stay seated on the lift until you reach the area designated for disembarkation, and stand up once you reach this point. You will fall if you lean back, so try standing with an image in your mind of leaning slightly forward. If the area beyond the marker is downhill, ski down in a straight line and stop. Quickly move away from the lift once you disembark so you don't get in the way of people behind you.