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Once you’ve climbed up the slope, practice skiing downhill in a straight line and stopping. Aim your ski tips at the bottom of the slope, and stop by making a V-shape with your skis. If it is your first time, start from a gentle slope. If you are practicing in a ski resort, be sure to choose a gentle slope at the bottom of the piste without many people, or a practice area for beginners. It should be an area that will allow you to ski slowly, making you come to a stop naturally as you ski into a flat area.

Spread your skis wide to stop

When you make a V-shape with your skis and face downward, flatten the edges a little and ski down slowly. When you slow down as you ski down to the bottom of the slope, spread the tails and make a big V-shape to stop.

If the ski tips are apart you won't stop

If your ski tips are apart, you won’t be able to stand the edges so you’ll lose speed control. Always keep your skis in a clean V-shape.

Don't look down

Don't look down to watch your feet. If you do, you won’t see people or obstacles ahead. Always keep your face up and look where you are going.

Don't lean back

If you lean back and lose balance, you won’t be able to control your skis properly. Make sure you keep yourself balanced with your weight steadily on your feet.

Have an experienced skier hold your ski tips to support you

If your ski tips cross, or if you can’t stand the edges up and keep yourself still before skiing, ask an experienced skier to hold your ski tips to support you.