Japan Ski Guide powered by SURF&SNOW

Once you get used to the ski boots, try the skis next. Don’t put the skis on both feet right away. First, put the ski on just one foot to get familiar with the feeling of skiing.

Walk with one ski on

Once you've put the ski on one foot, walk on a flat surface or change direction. Your leg's movement will be limited because you have the ski in front and behind. Get familiar with that feeling.

Kick off from the snow to slide the ski

Next, kick off from the snow with your boot to ski forward on one foot. Put all your weight on the foot with the ski on, and you’ll move forward more easily if you stretch your arms forward. Balance yourself well as your ski moves to get used to the feeling of skiing on the snow. If you feel yourself losing balance, put the other foot down to regain it.

Don’t lean backward

If your upper body isn't keeping up with the movement of the ski, you’ll lean backward and fall. Don’t arch back but instead lean forward, imagining your belly button facing the snow surface.