Japan Ski Guide powered by SURF&SNOW

Once you get used to skiing on one foot, put your skis on both feet. Walk on a flat surface first, or change direction, to get used to the ski length. Here are some tips about how to do this well.

Turn on the spot to get used to the skis' length

Stand on a flat surface first and try turning a full circle on the spot. You can do this by repeatedly spreading the ski tips and then bringing the other foot toward the ski that moved. Try turning clockwise and anticlockwise.

Don't step on the ski

If you step on the ski while turning, you won’t be able to move because you can’t lift your foot. This happens a lot at the rear part of the ski because you can’t see it. Remember that when you move your feet apart or bring them together, the skis actually extend far in front and behind you.

Walk on a flat surface

Walk on a flat surface with the skis on both feet. Make sure you don’t lift your skis into the air, instead keeping the ski bases in contact with the snow for balance, and slide the skis to move forward.

Walk in big steps, sliding the skis

Spread your legs relatively wide and move forward, sliding your skis. Swing your arms in a large motion and propel yourself forward so that your weight is on the front ski. When you can do that, you’ve mastered how to walk on a flat surface with your skis on.

Wrong posture

If you lean backward, you’ll lift the ski tips and find it difficult to walk well. Try to imagine walking while directing your belly button toward the snow.