Japan Ski Guide powered by SURF&SNOW

When you’re not familiar with wearing skis, you may lose balance and fall. Learning how to fall properly will help to keep you safe and prevent injuries. There are ways to stand up properly as well, so make sure you learn how to do both.

Fall on your bottom

If you fall, fall backwards to your right or left, on your bottom, and try not to put your hands against the snow to break the fall. Make sure you fall sideways, not in between your skis. If you do fall in between your skis, you won’t stop and will keep going downhill.

To stand up, keep your body close to the skis

To stand up, bring your skis closer to your body and keep them parallel. The skis should be at a right angle to the slope; that is, pointing across the slope. Put one hand onto the snow and shift your weight to the skis. Push hard with your legs and stand up, using the poles as support. You'll feel more at ease if you practice this on a flat surface in advance.

Keep the skis together and at a right angle to the slope

If your legs are apart when you stand up, the skis will slide and you won’t be able to stand up smoothly. The skis should be kept parallel, closer to your body. Make sure your posture is steady before standing up.

Be aware of the skis’ direction

Make sure the skis are together and at a right angle to the slope. The photograph shows an example of what not to do. The tips are aiming slightly downhill, so if you try to stand from this position the skis will start sliding downhill. If you feel your skis are unstable, check whether they’re at a right angle to the slope.