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Try practicing side-slipping using the toe edge. It's best to try this on a moderately steep slope. As your back will be facing downhill, carefully check that there are no people or objects in your way as you travel.

Side-slipping stance

Face uphill and lift up the toe edge. Imagine lightly bending your knees without thrusting your feet forward.

Side-slipping with the toe edge

Lift up the toe edge and stand facing uphill. As you lower your heels and flatten the edge angle, you'll slide down the slope. Keep your balance by putting your hands in front of you when lifting your heels to slow down and stop.

Hand movement when stopping

When stopping, bend your knees and thrust your hands in front of you. As it's easy to fall forward when toe-edge side-slipping, remember to make sure that your body is directly above the snowboard.

Don't let your upper body fall forward

When toe-edge side-slipping, it's easy to pull back, causing your upper body to fall forward. Keep your upper body straight and lightly bend your knees with your head up.

Method of support

If there's someone who can give you support, have them stand on your uphill side and support you. Hold hands with them so that they can support your body. Looking at your supporter's face will stop you from looking down.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama