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"Once you've mastered side-slipping and the falling leaf, it's now time to practice turning. The trick to turning is facing toward the direction in which you want to go. When snowboarding, the toe side is called the frontside and the heel side is called the backside, so turns in these directions are called frontside turning and backside turning, respectively.
First, try backside turning, which involves turning from the toe edge. It's best that you practice on a gentle slope where you won't pick up too much speed. "

Turn from the toe to the heel direction

Proceed diagonally while side-slipping on the toe edge. Stretch out your arms to the sides for balance.
To start the turn, aim your face and chest downhill so that your snowboard tip also faces downhill.
While facing the snowboard tip downhill, shift your weight onto the heel edge.
Keep moving diagonally, and adjust the edge to slowly decelerate and stop.

Don't kick off with your feet

If you try to kick off with your legs by bending them, your upper body will twist in the opposite direction from your direction of travel. This restricts your body movement and make it difficult to move on to the next motion. Try turning with the image of the snowboard spontaneously following you as you aim your face and chest in the desired direction of travel.

Don't lean backward

When you become stiff, your front foot will thrust forward and you'll lean backward due to the fear of picking up speed. Leaning backward will prevent you from turning and cause you to pick up too much speed. When practicing, select a gentle slope where you can snowboard in a relaxed manner without going too fast.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama