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Try falling leaf using the toe side edge. While side-slipping, slowly move forward to the left and right repeatedly. As you will be snowboarding while facing uphill, keep checking that there are no people or objects in your way.

Falling leaf with the toe edge

Stand the toe edge up while you face uphill, and point the right side of the snowboard tip downhill. Slide diagonally while adjusting your speed with the edge. Once you have progressed some distance, slow down and put both hands forward to stop. Once you have rectified your position, try pointing the left side of your snowboard's tip downhill. Repeat these motions, traveling and stopping to the left and right.

Don't let your upper body fall forward

If you crouch down and your upper body falls forward, it will be difficult to stand the edge up. Lightly bend your knees and keep your upper body straight.

Pay attention to what's behind you

When toe side-slipping, pay particular attention to what's behind you. While snowboarding, look in your direction of travel rather than at your feet, and take care regarding peoples' movement and objects around you.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama