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Turning from the heel edge is called a frontside turn. While side-slipping, aim your face and chest in the desired direction of travel and slowly shift your weight onto the toe edge while turning. Practice on a gentle slope that isn't frightening, and keep improving until you reach your goal level.

Turn from the heel to the toe

Stretch out your hands to the sides and proceed diagonally while side-slipping on the heel edge.
To start the turn, aim your face and chest downhill so that your snowboard tip also faces downhill.
While pointing the snowboard tip downhill, shift your weight onto the toe edge.
Keep moving diagonally and adjust the edge to slowly decelerate and stop.

Incorrect example

Kicking off with the back foot and bending it will cause your upper body to twist and restrict your movement, making it difficult to control the snowboard. When turning, imagine aiming your face and chest in the desired direction of travel.
If you crouch down or lean backward, you'll pick up speed and may start sliding uncontrollably. Remember to use your ankles and knees and keep up with the movement of the snowboard. It's important to choose a gentle slope where you practice with peace of mind.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama