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Once you've mastered frontside and backside turns, try linking them. The trick to linking turns is snowboarding diagonally without quickly turning to the opposite side after completing one turn. Adjust your stance in line with the snowboard's movement, and then start the next turn.

Link the turns

First, start with the frontside turn. Slide downhill while side-slipping on the heel edge.
Once you have travelled a comfortable distance, turn your face and chest to aim in the direction you'll turn, and let the snowboard tip drop down to move into the frontside turn.
Shift onto the toe edge while turning and regain your balance while adjusting to the snowboard's direction of travel.
Next, aim your face and chest toward the opposite side to try a backside turn.
Shift your weight onto the heel edge while turning, and then keep moving forward. Repeat these motions to achieve linked turns.


Once you can perform linked turns, try snowboarding on easy runs such as gentle slopes for beginners and courses through tree-filled areas. If you snowboard over longer distances, you will quickly become familiar with snowboarding and improve your skills. There are also artificial wave runs that even beginners can have fun on. As you gain skill and confidence, try your hand on different runs and experience the exhilaration of snowboarding!
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama