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Entering the Ice Village's world of fantasy is like drifting into a dream. Tomamu's temperature can plunge right down to -30 degrees Celsius during the ski season, making it the perfect spot to build a village only possible in winter. This is not the kind of place you'll find just anywhere, so be sure to pay a visit at least once!

1. Too cute to be true: Ice Books & Café

At Ice Books & Café, you can sit on a chair of ice, surrounded by bookshelves made of ice, with a warm fireplace to relax you.
The café's sweets are definitely going to excite you girls! Take a seat at the beautifully sparkling tables and chairs made of ice. At this café, you can enjoy cute sweets made in the image of snow and ice.
*The menu is subject to change.
Or make your own sweet treats! Dip your original popsicle into warm chocolate and watch a crunchy chocolate coating form instantly. If big, fluffy marshmallows are more your thing, toast a few over the hot coals until they become soft and smooth.

2. The heartwarming Ice SHOP

This cute and fancy store features walls and floors of ice scattered with colorful flowers. The shop carries accessories themed on ice and snow, and items designed with the image of the Ice Village, including mugs. You'll also find outdoor wear and gloves for extreme weather.
*The store design may vary each year (photographed is the 2017-18 design).
The colorful flowers appear vibrant inside the crystal-clear ice. Each flower has its own unique character, so gaze at them from a distance and take a closer look as well!

3. Take the memory back home: Ice GAO

Each snow crystal is tiny and melts away in no time. Ice GAO organizes a workshop where you can use a special technique to seal these crystals in a key ring to take home, preserving your memory forever.
Choose your favorite from the countless different shapes. It's a perfect memento of your travels!

4. An ice glass too beautiful to be true! Ice Bar

This is a stylish bar made of ice, and is a must for anyone who fancies a tipple at TOMAMU. Take a seat on an ice stool by an ice counter, surrounded by walls of ice. Bottles line a shelf made of - believe it or not - ice! This winter the bar is set to expand its drinks menu, with over 50 spirits and cocktails to choose from. And your friendly bartender serves each one in a glass made of...ice. You can also ask them to add ice made from the water of permanent snow from Mt. Daisetsu to your cocktail. This ice is especially smooth and its base water is said to nurture longevity; it's the same water used as the base water for the famous sake "Otokoyama."
The bartender will prepare your favorite cocktail on the ice counter.
The colorful cocktails poured into the icy glasses look exquisite, like delicate glassware. Instagenic, no doubt!

5. I never knew a hotel like this existed... an ice hotel

This hotel is made of a single seamless dome of ice, and offers you the experience of a lifetime Inside, you'll discover a bed, chairs and tables, all made of ice, and sleeping bags that will keep you snug and warm in temperatures right down to minus 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring sound sleep.
What's more, you'll find an outdoor bath surrounded with ice, with a full 360-degree view of the beech forest. As you soak in the tub, a transparent world of ice opens up before you. There is also a warm changing area with warm roomwear, so no need to worry about feeling cold after the soak!
After warming up in the outdoor ice bath, head over to the ice rest area and lie back on an ice chair. Where you can...chill out.
The ice cellar, which until last year had a range of whiskies, this year presents ingredients including ginger, honey, lemon, cinnamon, milk and whisky. Mix and match them to create a flavor that appeals to you. If you're looking for ideas, check out the cards with a total of 50 recipes. This is a truly unique experience, where you can enjoy the world of ice to your heart's content under the sparkling night sky.

6. The most popular spot! The ice slide

The most popular spot in the Ice Village is the ice slide! Children (130 cm or taller) as well as adults will have a ball, sliding faster than you think.
There's a skate rink next to it to exercise and warm up!

7. Fantastical and romantic ice church

How romantic is this church, all made of ice! The builder made sure that the whole structure is made of one seamless plate of ice, because they wanted to express the wish that the couple's pure feelings for each other will continue unbroken forever.
The altar, the cross, and the aisle are all made of ice. The all-white and transparent world has a holy atmosphere that imparts a feeling of calmness and purity.
text: Natsuko Saito

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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Nakatomamu, Shimukappu-mura, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido 079-2204


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