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Having opened the first ski-in, ski-out village in Japan in December 2017, Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU now has over 20 dining spots! Often resort hotels do not offer many dining options, but at TOMAMU you can pick the perfect restaurant that matches your desires. Take a look at our best eight picks!

Everything's cute: Stylish café & bar Tsukino

Café & bar Tsukino on Hotaru Street in the ski-in ski-out village offers burgers with Hokkaido ingredients, and a buttermilk latte with the gentle flavors of milk and butter, which are very popular to guests! (The menu is subject to change according to season).
The café features a stylish wooden interior. You may have just planned to stop over for a short time, but before you know it you're in the middle of a girls' talk because it's oh so cozy.

Can't go wrong: Hokkaido Sweets Shop

If you want something sweet, visit the sweets shop on Hotaru Street. It showcases various sweets that are just as much fun to look at as they are to eat!
You just have to try sweets made with Hokkaido ingredients such as blue honeysuckle, corn and melon. Take them with you and enjoy them outdoors! Don't forget to drop in for other treats like double-layered cheesecake with a cow print, rich soft-serve ice cream, and baked items to take home as souvenirs.

Prawns, crabs and all sorts of other seafoods: Bowl & Roll House Eni

Plump prawns and dense crabmeat! This restaurant offers lots of great rice bowls packed with excitement, featuring Hokkaido ingredients such as uni (urchin) and salmon roe.
The menu includes the "Sea of Clouds Prawn Bowl" named for the sea of clouds that sometimes visit Tomamu, as well as unique and fun bowls such as the "Ultimate Gout Bowl" with uni, salmon roe, prawns and lots of other purine-loaded ingredients!
The interior décor may be chic and calm but no, look up and you'll discover a ceiling buzzing with energy!

Nothing beats a bowl of hot ramen on a cold day! Ramen AFURI

This hugely popular ramen bar from mainland Japan has opened its first store in Hokkaido! The ramen is the store's pride and joy, with a beautiful soup extracted from carefully selected ingredients such as fresh domestic chicken marrow and flavorsome vegetables, assorted with fine noodles that carry the faint aroma of wheat. The most popular ramen is yuzu citrus & salt ramen, made with this soup and aromatic yuzu citrus juice. You will be very busy with your chopsticks and ladle!
Ramen Kiwami is another great choice that offers all its ingredients as toppings and there are also six soups to choose from. Hot and sour ramen with yuzu citrus is just so addictive, with a perfect blend of sourness, spiciness and irresistibly good soup. The ramen bar also serves tonkotsu (pork marrow) soup, available only here in Tomamu, and various side dishes like fried rice with seared diced pork.

Super-sumptuous dining: Buffet Dining hal

Buffet Dining hal at Hotel Alpha Tomamu has several dozen dishes on the menu, including crab and beef grilled on an iron plate, hand-rolled salmon and salmon roe sushi, sashimi, and a whole array of appetizers to desserts.
Bring family and friends of course, or have a girls party or a romantic dinner as a couple, as the restaurant serves stylish drinks.

Fantastic top-floor view and a superb breakfast: Platinum

Restaurant Platinum is on the 32nd floor, right at the top of RISONARE Tomamu. Enjoy a fine breakfast while admiring the snowy landscape.
The restaurant offers both Japanese and Western choices, including salads, appetizers, and French toast that the chef prepares before your eyes. Talk about spoilt for choice! You might as well eat your fill though, because there's a whole day of fun ahead out on the snow.

If you're tired out from all that activity, this is where to go: Books & Café

Books & Café is open exclusively to guests of Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu. You'll find many interesting books, including those on Hokkaido and sports you can enjoy in Tomamu.
There's also free coffee, juice, and for a limited time, alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy when you have some free time or just want some rest.
*The location and drinks are subject to change, according to season.

Only open on sunny March days! Champagne bar with a magnificent view

This champagne bar emerges only on sunny days in March. Towed by a snow CAT, it will pop up somewhere in the ski area that's buzzing with skiers and snowboarders.
Dressed in a suit, the bartender will serve you the drinks to add to the atmosphere. The weather gradually warms in March, and on sunny days during the month this is the only place where you can sip champagne with a great view of the nature that surrounds Tomamu!
photo & text: Natsuko Saito

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