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When skiing or snowboarding, you gain more speed than you might imagine. Since you can’t stop immediately, the best way to prevent crashing into others is to give yourself enough distance to other people, and give way to each other.

When you start moving, pay attention to people coming downhill from above

If you start moving without paying attention, you could crash into people who’re coming down towards you. Before you start moving, always make sure there is nobody coming down towards you.

Pay attention to people skiing ahead of you

On-piste, people who are ahead of you have priority. Always check the movements of the people skiing or snowboarding ahead of you and give way, and if you’re catching up to them, be sure to give them plenty of space.

Pay attention to others when skiing

On-piste, you have to be aware not just of the people skiing ahead of you, but also to your rear. Skiing and snowboarding safely means you need to be aware of what's going on all arounds you, and watch for others’ movements. Pay special attention to your surroundings, especially when skiing or snowboarding down a slope where you gain speed, and when you make big turns.