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It is not only while skiing and snowboarding that you have to be careful about your own safety. When you stop mid-run, take a break or wait for someone to catch up with you, you need to be careful. Here are some points to consider.

Don't sit down on a run

If you're a beginner you may feel like taking a break mid-run. The middle part of a run is where most accidents occur, with many people skiing. Don't ever stop here. If you fall, stand up immediately and move to another area, especially if you're a snowboarder.
When the angle of the slope changes, it's hard for people coming down from above to see what is happening below the crest. This is where many accidents occur. Make sure you never sit down or stand still in the invisible area behind a crest.

If you need to stop, move to either side

If you're having a break mid-run or waiting or someone, always move over to either side of the run. Choose a spot that's easy to see for people coming down from above. Also make sure to slow down gently, without any abrupt movement.

If you're in a group of people, don't spread out across the run

If you're in a group and everyone spreads out across the run, it will block the route of the people coming down from above. If your group is waiting for someone, move over to either side of the run and make sure to form a vertical line.

Don't walk on the run

Don't take off skis or snowboards and walk on or across the run. The run is principally a place for people to ski and snowboard. Pedestrians blocking the route of skiers and snowboarders can cause accidents such as crashes.
If you walk on the run in boots, you will leave holes and damage the run. It's difficult to ski or snowboard on a run with lots of holes and it can also be very dangerous, causing skiers or snowboarders to fall.

If you are walking near the lift station

If you want to take off your skis or snowboard and walk, for instance when you want to practice your skills on a gentle slope below a run, be sure to walk on either side of the course. The etiquette is to give priority to skiers and snowboarders and ensure you are not in their way. If you have to walk down a run because you can't ski down steep slopes or for any other reason, always walk on the side of the run. It's also important to choose a slope that fits your skill level.