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The leashes is a crucial item on a snowboard. It prevents the snowboard from sliding away, and it's considered good etiquette for snowboarders to use it. Let's see why leashes are important and how to attach them.

What are leashes?

A leash connects your body to the snowboard to prevent the board from sliding downhill when it's detached from you. It's an important item to prevent the board accidentally sliding downhill and crashing into people or objects when attaching or detaching the board. Rental boards already have leashes attached to the bindings.

Put the leash on the front foot

Put the leash around your front leg, just below the knee.

Keep the leash on at all times when snowboarding

Keep the leash on at all times when you are snowboarding. It will not feel invasive and will not stop you from snowboarding.

When stepping out of just one of the bindings

When getting on a lift, or moving forward on a flat surface, remove the foot without the leash (your back foot) from the binding. If you're taking a break and for any other reason taking off the board, remove both feet from the bindings and hold the board steadily with your hands to make sure it doesn't slide downhill before detaching the leash.