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When mounting the snowboard, place your boots into the bindings and tighten the straps around them. Bindings must be properly tightened or you won't be able to control the snowboard when in motion.

Secure the ankle

After tightening all the straps, firmly secure the ankle part of the boot. Shake off any snow that has adhered to the bottom of the boots or bindings before mounting as this will prevent proper attachment.

Tighten the ankle strap

Secure the boots by tightening the straps. Of the two straps, tighten the ankle strap first. Insert the belt into the ratchet and push down on the lever to tighten the strap.

Secure the toe strap

Similarly, tighten the toe strap. On some bindings the strap is on the instep, while on others it's tightened across the toes.

How to use the ratchet

The ratchet makes a clicking sound when you push down on it to tighten the strap. Push down and tighten the lever multiple times and adjust it until just tight enough.

How to use the leash cord

The leash cord connects the rider to the snowboard, preventing the board from sliding away. Make sure to fit the leash cord while snowboarding. Loop the cord once around the area just below the knee of your front foot during snowboarding.

How to undo bindings

Lift the ratchet to release the lock, then slide the belt so the strap comes off. Undo both the ankle and toe straps and lift up your foot to remove it from the binding. When getting on or off lifts with a snowboard, remove the back foot binding. Make sure you memorize this procedure, as you'll be frequently mounting and dismounting from the bindings.