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It's easy to fall over when both of your feet are fixed to the board. If you pick up too much speed or can't control the snowboard, the safest option might be to fall over and stop. It's very important to master the art of falling safety; falling well can prevent injuries.

When falling forward

When falling forward, you must be careful in particular to not let your hands hit the snow. If you feel that you are about to fall, quickly bend your elbows and hold both of your hands in front of your chest. Continuing sliding forward in this way is a safe way to fall.
When falling, shape your body into a curl with your arms still bent to absorb the impact.
Stretch out your upper body and slide forward with your elbows on the snow surface.
Finally, bend your knees to lift up the snowboard so that it doesn't pull on the snow.

When falling onto your bottom

You should also learn the best way to fall onto your bottom. When you fall backward, there is a danger of taking a heavy blow to the back of your head. If you feel that you are about to fall, quickly put your hands over the back of your head to protect it.
Bend your knees and shape your body into a curl close to the ground to reduce the impact.
Hit the snow with your bottom and then your back.
Once your back hits the snow, finally lift up the snowboard.

Dangerous ways to fall

If you fall over, it is very dangerous to hit the snow with your hands. This can result in severe injuries, including sprains, dislocations or fractures of your arm or wrist. Although you may unintentionally tend to stretch out your hands when falling, it is important that you practice and master proper ways to fall.

Important points for falls

When falling, do not stretch out your hands to hit the snow. Rather, it is important to slide with your elbows or bottom to reduce the impact. Also, when falling from a high stance onto the snow, your body and/or head may take a heavy blow. Tightly curling your body can reduce the impact and lower your risk of injury.
photo & text : Chiho Kuriyama